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Anyone interested in CPU scrypt mining?
  • KarinKarin
    Posts: 597
    A couple users has mentioned they'd like to see CPU mining in Asteroid. I've mapped out a way to make this possible, but I'd like to adequately judge how much of a priority for the community this may be. If you'd like to see CPU mining in Asteroid, particularly for scrypt altcoin mining, let me know here.

    Thanks :)
  • XFoxXFox
    Posts: 1
    I'd like it!
  • jakejake
    Posts: 4
    Yes please!
  • JoxJox
    Posts: 7
    Yes please!
  • Yep, Yep... CPU please.
  • KarinKarin
    Posts: 597
    Thanks for the votes people! I'll do what I can, but it's unlikely to make it into the next version. Keep posting here if you haven't yet and would still like to see CPU-based scrypt mining :)
  • Yes please!!
  • Yes from me as well please!
  • xovxov
    Posts: 3
    +1 for LTC
  • +1
  • Yes please!
  • auxaux
    Posts: 1
    Yes, I’d absolutely love to see support for scrypt CPU mining in Asteroid. That way, I can mine some Litecoins on the side.
  • Yes please
  • Made an account just to say, I'm actually sad there isn't really CPU mining available for macs. I would appreciate it so greatly if CPU mining was integrated into asteroid
  • KarinKarin
    Posts: 597
    Good news for everyone here, I've started adding support into Asteroid for using multiple mining engines, which would include CPU mining. It may not be available in the next version, but the underpinnings are being put into place and it hopefully won't be too much longer :)
  • Awesome! Looking forward to it :-)
  • Yes please!
  • As I commented here

    I get far better scrypt rates on my Macs with CPU mining than GPU.
    At the same time the machines stay responsible.
  • In Asteroid 0.95 there's a preference marked "Disable GPU mining".
    Is that a "no-op" right now, or it is some sort of unoptimized form
    of CPU mining?
  • Excuse me for the silly question... what does it mean to script mining CPU ?
  • @bunker.
    It means you use your cpu Like i7 or i5 to mine. make sense?
  • Yes. And do you think there's some advantage compare to GPU ?
    Thank you
  • would love it! My GPU is working on Bitcoins and my 8 threads at 3.4ghz are idling :)