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Version 0.9.7 is now out -- release notes and download
Live coin balances, new mining engine, bugfixes and more
Known issues with 0.9.2
  • KarinKarin
    Posts: 597
    These are some of the known issues I will be addressing in upcoming versions of Asteroid in approximate order of highest development priority to lower (not including new features):

    - inconsistency between hashrates reported by Asteroid and much lower hashrates reported by pools (traceable to a libusb issue), resulting in a loss of performance of around 40%. This affects only usb-based mining devices, and not necessarily with everyone. Asteroid will alert you automatically after 30 minutes if you are affected and will ask you some questions to help me diagnose the problem.
    - UI bugs when using multiple identical miners (although Asteroid is still hashing correctly if you view the miner console -- click the "i")
    - Implement auto intensity for GPUs again
    - 10.7 (Lion) compatibility
    - Implement scrolling if device list is too long
    - Temperature monitoring bugfixes (simple alerts, extra thresholds, etc)
    - Sort device list based on device type, name

    Please add to this list, or submit in-app feedback (which will also send me your log files to help troubleshoot). Thanks!
  • KarinKarin
    Posts: 597
    I think I have solved the USB bug that was lowering hashrates by using libusb 1.0.2. This version was released in June 2009, but I have tested 44 versions of libusb on Mac OS X and this seems to be the most compatible.

    I will be updating Asteroid with libusb 1.0.2 and cgminer 3.4.0 (which just came out today) tonight, and will put out a release asap. :)